BSW Two pieces satin Aline gown

This is a two-piece satin light wedding dress, The high-necked slit on the back has a little sexy. Two-piece light wedding dress with slit design on the back of the upper body, and the hem can be equipped with A-line design skirt or tulle skirt, which can be matched according to your own preferences. The ever-changing combination makes the dress have its own style and uniqueness.


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-Two-piece light wedding dress

-Sabrina neckline

-slit on back

-hem can be equipped with A-line design skirt or tulle skirt

-colour: ivory

– simple, elegant, feminine



Cutting: Two pieces, Sabrina neckline, Aline

Fabric: Satin or tulle

Style: simple and elegant, feminine

Wedding: Church, outdoor, overseas wedding, Prewedding shooting


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